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DJI Referral Program

Antonelli Law is the first law firm in the country to participate in the DJI Professional User Referral Program.

DJI customers may be entitled to discounted drone law services by visiting our dedicated DJI referral program website or by contacting the law firm directly.

The referral program enables a reduced fee of $1,250 for Section 333 services that includes up to two commercial FAA registrations, a further discount from our new 2016 fees plus an additional FAA commercial UAS registration. Scroll down for details, conditions, and limitations to the discount program.

Antonelli Law's principal, Jeffrey Antonelli, flies the DJI Inspire as a hobbyist and is proud to be part of the DJI Referral Program. Click here for more information on the Drone/UAS Practice Group and our Public COA Program.


Section 333 petition services at discounted rates for DJI customers for simple uses using the DJI manuals as the Standard Operations Manual (SOP).

The discounted rate is $1,250 and includes:

    1) Section 333 petition

    2) Up to two FAA commercial UAV registrations

In addition to payment, a telephone consultation and signed attorney agreement must be executed before an attorney-client relationship is formed.


1) One of the UAVs MUST BE a DJI airframe, eg.: Phantom 3, Inspire, Matrice, S800, S900, S1000.

2) Limit of three (3) types of UAVs.

3) All proposed UAV types must have been approved in prior FAA grants of exemption.

4) Custom UAVs not based on a DJI airframe are excluded.

5) Operating procedures cited in the 333 petition will deem the procedures provided in the DJI Manual as petitioner's operating procedures. Note: If your actual operations differ from the documents submitted to the FAA you may be found in violation by the FAA and any insurance is not likely to cover an incident or loss. Client requests for customization will be at regular hourly charges or at mutually agreed terms.


1) Non standard COA applications such as needing to fly higher than 200 feet AGL, or closer than 5 miles to an airport.

2) Closed-set cinematography (requires MPTOM manual).

3) Sophisticated uses such as GIS, surveying, engineering, construction, precision agriculture. Rates to be determined after consultation with an Antonelli Law attorney.

4) Large residential, and any commercial real estate concerns.

5) Highly custom UAVs.

6) Heavier than 55 pounds.

7) Any intended use not already authorized by FAA, eg.: night-time operations, greater than 400 feet AGL, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).

FAQs about the FAA Section 333 Program

  • Do I Need A Section 333 Grant of Exemption?

If you want to operate commercially as a service, the short answer is yes. For other uses like R&D, research, or law enforcement see this page from the FAA and click on the appropriate category.

  • Do I Need to Be A Licensed Pilot?

The company or individual running the operation that holds the Section 333 Grant of Exemption does not need to be a licensed pilot, but the person actually flying the drone/UAV must be. The licensed pilot may be a company employee or an independent contractor, as long as the licensed pilot has the UAV competency and other qualifications articulated in the holder's Section 33 Grant of Exemption. Click here on one way to find pilots - the RC clubs (really!).

The FAA currently allows a sport or recreational pilot license (officially called an airman certificate) to operate drones/UAVs under a Section 333 Grant of Exemption. A driver's license may substitute for a current medical certificate.

  • Will the FAA Do Away With The Licensed Pilot Requirement?

Eventually, it is expected that a new license called a Drone Operator airman certificate will be in place that will require only a written knowledge test and TSA vetting, and no traditional flight school with be required. This is part of the Proposed sUAS Rule referred to as Part 107, which the FAA has promised will release as a Final Rule by June 2016.

We do not know if the FAA testing infrastructure will be in place by June 2016. We hope that it will be. Many clients don't believe the FAA will be on time and therefore want the 333.

We would love to see Congress mandate that the FAA waive the pilot license requirement sooner, such as in the 2015 FAA Re-authorization Bill. If you support Congress doing this, tell your United States Senators and Congressman to do so and why you believe small UAVs can be flown safely now by commercial entities without a traditional pilot's license obtained through manned aircraft flight training.  

Antonelli Law Drone/UAS Practice Group

The Drone/UAS Practice Group at Antonelli Law is a group of attorneys with deep knowledge of law, technology, privacy, and aviation. Our federal practice relating to the rapidly developing commercial "drone"/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry allows us to serve clients nationwide. In addition, our attorneys are licensed in numerous states from California to New York and  in between.  

  • Jeffrey Antonelli, an unmanned aircraft pilot with 15 year's experience in litigation, general counsel, insurance defense and technology 
  • Mark Del Bianco, more than three decades of federal administrative law, antitrust, and technology expertise
  • Kate Fletcher, an active commercial pilot with the world's largest airline as well as attorney
  • Douglas Marshall, aviation consultant, chairs the ASTM F38.02.01 Task Group on Standards for Operations Over People, and serves as a United States delegate to ISO TC 20/SC 16, UAS Subcommittee
  • Melissa Brabender, associate attorney, accomplished federal litigator and counselor
  • Amelia Niemi, associate attorney, graduate of esteemed Intellectual Property program concentration at DePaul College of Law   
  • Megan Heiting, associate attorney, LLM in Intellectual Property from DePaul College of Law
  • Benjamin Fink, associate attorney
  • Barbara Munube, UAS law clerk, LLM in Int'l Aviation Law
  • Olivia Fowler, UAS Client Concierge

Research and support staff include research assistant , an engineering student, and law clerks to keep the Drone/UAS Practice Group stay current with produce supporting research for the DroneLawsBlog as well as our Survey of State Drone Laws.

Whether it is corporate work, privacy concerns, or you want to get a handle on what the FAA is doing and what your company is allowed to do, you will feel comfortable calling a lawyer at Antonelli Law.

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By viewing this website no attorney-client relationship is formed unless you and the firm agree upon and sign an attorney agreement or similar letter agreement. We are not able to act on your behalf or protect your legal interests until that formal agreement is signed. Consult a qualified attorney to obtain legal advice for your particular circumstances. No endorsement is implied to the information, product, or services that may be contained or referred to in the articles or videos linked to in this page or within this website. Illinois does not recognize attorney specialties; no specialties are implied for attorneys of Antonelli Law.



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Antonelli Law is accepting clients wishing to submit FAA Petitions for Exemption under Section 333 and special airspace COAs. Contact firm principal Jeffrey Antonelli for more information at 312-201-8310.


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