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Expendables 3

The Expendables 3

Many people know the movie Expendables 3 was leaked on the internet weeks before its public release. They may not know the extent to which the studio has fought to prevent the film's further distribution on peer-to-peer networks and to track down the film's original leaker.

November Update

TorrentFreak reports that three UK individuals have been arrested by the Police Intellectual Crimes Unit (PICU) "under suspicion of leaking The Expendables 3 online."

September Update

Lionsgate made the film, and TorrentFreak reports the efforts being made to track the original leaker down

Their original story appears here.

Background - Why You Should Not Torrent Expendables 3

Nu Image, Inc. is the producer of the third installment of the Sylvester Stallone The Expendables motion picture series The Expendables 3 (Link IMDB).

In 2011 Nu Image Inc,. filed suit against thousands of unnamed John Doe defendants alleging federal copyright infringement. This link is a copy of the original federal lawsuit, which Nu Image initially targeted 6,500 defendants in the District Court for the District of Columbia.  Nu Image then attempted to amend the lawsuit to include more than 23,000 defendants.

While the 2011 lawsuit was later voluntarily dismissed, it would be dangerous to assume torrenting The Expendables 3 will not result in legal action. Do not do it. If you have children or roommates, make sure they do not either especially if you pay the internet bill.

Variety reports that piracy monitoring company Excipio says that as of July 27th Excipio had tracked more than 1.1 million illegal downloads of The Expendables 3 worldwide. Excipio has been alleged to be involved in copyright lawsuits in the past, so it would be wise to avoid torrenting the Expendables 3.

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