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National Photo Group, LLC has filed federal copyright lawsuits around the country alleging the illegal use of its photographs on websites without paying it a license fee. Due to the punitive power of statutory damages of the Copyright Act, defendants found liable by a federal court can face enormous monetary judgments and attorneys fees.

If you need to speak with an attorney about receiving an legal settlement demand letter form a law firm representing National Photo Group, LLC , or you have been served a summons and complaint alleging copyright infringement, call attorney Jeffrey Antonelli for a free initial consultation at 312-201-8310, email us or use or contact form for an immediate reply to get started. All inquiries are confidential.

We have years of solid litigation experience representing consumers and businesses and concentrates in representing people accused of BitTorrent copyright infringement. Our last complex trial involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert. in short, Antonelli Law provides serious legal advice for your copyright defense.

Attorney Jeffrey Antonelli is admitted to the federal trial bar of the Northern District of Illinois, the Central District of Illinois, and all the federal courts of Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. We have co-counsel for federal copyright infringement cases in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., and soon in Arizona, California, and Colorado. When a case calls from other states than these we proceed with pro hac vice admission and have been so admitted a number of times. 

Hiring Antonelli Law Is No More Expensive than Hiring a Local Attorney in Your State

Hiring Antonelli Law to represent you in your federal case is not more expensive, or more difficult, compared to hiring a local attorney assuming you could find one experienced in BitTorrent copyright infringement defense.

Why isn't it more expensive? Federal courts require attorneys to file their papers electronically and often conduct hearings by telephone. This makes frequent trips to the courthouse unnecessary. Also, we do not charge for airline flights or flying travel charges. Clients pay only for the normal travel time to the courthouse any local attorney would charge.

Finally, we have affiliated local counsel in a number of states who have earned our trust and can appear in court if necessary on an expedited basis. We will make arrangements to be in court personally when necessary such as non-routine hearings or a trial.

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Antonelli Law Copyright Attorneys

Jeffrey Antonelli

Melissa Brabender

Byron Ames
Local Counsel for Nevada & Utah

Tristan Robinson
Local Counsel for Texas

Mark Del Bianco
Local Counsel for Maryland & DC

Leslie Farber
Local Counsel for NY, NJ, Pennsylvania

Peter Glazer
Local Counsel for Virginia
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