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Rightscorp is a corporation copyright holders hire to help them fight piracy by going after individuals using BitTorrent and other software to illegally download music and movies.

If you wish to settle these claims anonymously, you may hire a lawyer to conduct the settlement negotiations and pay the settlement amount through the law firm’s client trust account. This way Rightscorp does not have your payment information.

Click here to contact Antonelli Law attorneys to help you settle these claims anonymously or call us at 312-201-8310. Our legal fees are flat and very reasonable.

Wikipedia describes Rightscorp as follows:

Rightscorp, Inc. (formerly DigitalRights) is a Los Angeles-based copyright enforcement company which locates alleged copyright violators and collects money from legal damages and out of court settlements on behalf of the copyright holder.[1] Rightscorp manages copyrights of videosmusic, and video games.[2]…

Rightcorp utilizes crawlers, which according to Steele and CEO Christopher Sabec, crawls Bittorrent file-sharing sites and finds seeders and their IP addresses over time. Though the company has the seeders’ IP addresses, it requires the ISPs to connect their notices to the seeders.[5] Sabec also says the company can discriminate between actual piracy and unauthorized internet access.[14]

In response to mobile streaming apps such as MeerkatPeriscope and Popcorn Time, the company has also announced a “Streaming Rights Monitoring” service in May 2015, which the Rightscorp claims will be able to continuously monitor for streaming of copyrighted material on mobile streaming networks.[15]

Antonelli Law is one of the leading law firms in the country defending BitTorrent copyright infringement lawsuits. Antonelli Law has represented nearly 3,000 clients dealing with copyright trolls and satellite piracy trolls in nearly every federal court these cases have appeared. We can represent you in your federal copyright infringement defense no matter which state you live, and no more expensively than a local attorney.

Our high level of service sets us apart. If you need to speak with an attorney about receiving an ISP notice or summons about a BitTorrent copyright lawsuit, call us for a free initial consultation with an attorney at 312-201-8310 or use our TorrentDefenders contact form or email us for an immediate reply to get started.

We appreciate the confidence other attorneys have shown referring their clients to our firm for this niche area. We are available to attorneys around the country for co-counsel assistance.

An Overview of BitTorrent Copyright Infringment

“Copyright trolls” are law firms or individual lawyers who adopted a lucrative scheme to profit from copyright infringement allegations through what many call extortion. Copyright trolls represent holders of copyrights on movies (mostly pornography), software, and electronic books. We have represented many people targeted by these firms and know what you are going through.

To get an overview of this type of litigation and what you might expect to experience, click here for Jeffrey Antonelli’s article Torrent Wars: Copyright trolls, legitimate IP rights, and the need for new rules vetting evidence and to amend the Copyright Act published by the Illinois State Bar Association’s Intellectual Property section, October 2013.

Recent Press on Antonelli Law

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin article, quoting Jeffrey Antonelli

Our Legal Services

We offer a reasonable Flat Fee for motions to quash, helping you settle and remain anonymous in many cases; and reasonable fees for defending you if you are named as a defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit. Selected severe financial hardship cases are handled on a reduced or pro bono basis. Attorney Antonelli has more than a decade of solid litigation experience in a broad range of commercial litigation as plaintiff and defendant, and every attorney at Antonelli Law is admitted to federal court.

In addition to being highly experienced in BitTorrent defense litigation and complex litigation in general, the attorneys of Antonelli Law are remarkable human beings with compassion, honesty, and integrity in their very fabric and give exemplary attention to our clients. We hope these qualities are as helpful to you in your case as our legal expertise. At the time your BitTorrent matter is resolved, we hope you will confidently feel we did the best possible job for you. Many clients return to us for other legal issues in the future, and a number of left positive reviews on Yelp, Avvo, and blogs focused on this area of law.

We have years of solid litigation experience representing consumers and businesses and concentrates in representing people accused of BitTorrent copyright infringement. Our last complex trial involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert. in short, Antonelli Law provides serious legal advice for your copyright troll defense.

Attorney Jeffrey Antonelli is admitted to the federal trial bar of the Northern District of Illinois, the Central District of Illinois, and all the federal courts of Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. We have co-counsel for federal copyright infringement cases in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. When a case calls from other states than these we proceed with pro hac vice admission as we have numerous times.

Hiring Antonelli Law Is No More Expensive than Hiring a Local Attorney in Your State

Hiring Antonelli Law to represent you in your federal case is not more expensive, or more difficult, compared to hiring a local attorney assuming you could find one experienced in BitTorrent copyright infringement defense. Federal court practice allows us to represent clients in any federal court in the country.

Why isn’t it more expensive? Federal courts require attorneys to file their papers electronically and often conduct hearings by telephone. This makes frequent trips to the courthouse unnecessary. Also, we do not charge for airline flights or flying travel charges. Clients pay only for the normal travel time to the courthouse any local attorney would charge.

Finally, we have affiliated local counsel in a number of states who have earned our trust and can appear in court if necessary on an expedited basis. We will make arrangements to be in court personally when necessary such as non-routine hearings or a trial.

Recent Antonelli Law Updates

– Antonelli Law announces affiliation with Maryland  and District of Columbia federal attorney Mark C. Del Bianco
– Antonelli Law obtains rare order from Judge   Kendall allowing defendant to proceed anonymously for a limited time in Malibu Media case 13-cv-07297 (Illinois)
– Antonelli Law and local counsel win order granting all does but Doe 1 to be severed and dismissed, as a result of our reply in support of motion to quash and motion to quash in New Jersey Malibu Media case 12-cv-0694
– Antonelli Law and local counsel defend innocent party in Illinois Malibu Media case 12-cv-03211 (Springfield)

Comparing Lawyers?

If you are comparing lawyers, ask if they are admitted to the federal trial bar? Ask if they are admitted to the federal district your court case is in? Have they ever had an actual case in that court? And most important of all, do they answer all of your questions with depth and concern so that you feel confident in them? We have those credentials and more to back up our advice and settlement postures and the other side knows it. We have the experience to deal with unexpected problems. They may not.

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Should I File a Motion to Quash?

Visit our Motion to Quash page for important details.

We do file motions to quash and believe they can work. But answering the question “Is it worth it?” turns out to be a little complicated. We won’t just “fire you up” to file one without thoroughly explaining what motions to quash can and cannot do. We will honestly advise you so you can make up your mind what to do.

Should I Settle? 

Visit our Should I Settle page for important details.

Be sure you have enough facts to believe you are reasonably informed before you make your decision. For you, a settlement buys you peace of mind and, if you settle through an attorney, the ability to settle and make payment anonymously. But it also ensures the plaintiff a profit. Again, we want our clients to be sure they have the facts they need to make an informed decision: to settle, to fight, or to do nothing and wait.

Can I Just Do Nothing and Wait?

Yes. You can also do nothing and wait. I have often described this phase as a game of chicken (a horrible game in real life) where you  either don’t spend a dime because the case goes away (or they don’t get to sue you for some reason), or if they do sue you it will cost you more for defending it, to settle the case, or both. You should reflect on how you feel about these outcomes since nobody is in your shoes but you.

The probability of actually being sued and served with a lawsuit varies considerably from plaintiff to plaintiff. Our experience with these cases across the country helps us to advise you on changes in plaintiffs’ behavior in this regard.

Don’t know what BitTorrent is or how you got involved with this?

See if your neighbors or household members use Popcorn Time, BitTorrent, uTorrent or VUZE software (Transmission or Ubuntu for Mac) or if they visit any of the following websites: Pirate Bay (Eg., ThePirateBay.se), Torrentz.eu, ISOHunt, Torrent project, KickAss Torrents, BitWiki or 1337x.

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