5 Things To Know About Your Strike 3 Holdings LLC Lawsuit

Are you being sued for copyright infringement from a company called Strike 3 Holdings LLC and are unsure of what this may mean? Here are five brief notes about general Strike 3 Holdings LLC cases.

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1. This is a real Strike 3 Holdings LLC subpoena

If you received a notice in the mail from your Internet Service Provider with a copy of a subpoena from a company called Strike 3 Holdings LLC, you are likely being sued for copyright infringement. The company is likely accusing you (or someone using your internet connection) of downloading their adult film content from one of their subscription sites illegally.

The notice from your internet service provider is to let you know that Strike 3 Holdings is looking to obtain your personal information. This can include your full name and address so they can sue you for copyright infringement.

If you have just received this notice in the mail, you are still anonymous – the company does not yet know who you are. While you are anonymous, you still have several options available for how you want to handle your case. However, the longer you wait, the fewer options that may be available, and you could lose some of your negotiating power.

2. You Can Not Ignore A Court Summons From Strike 3 Holdings LLC

Under no circumstances should anyone ignore a court summons.

Again, the first thing to note is that this is a real subpoena, and it is not a scam. You are likely being sued for copyright infringement in federal court.

If you ignore the subpoena, your internet service provider (ISP) will likely release your name to Strike 3 Holdings LLC’s lawyers. Once Strike 3 Holdings has your name, in almost all cases, they will amend the complaint name in the public court documents from ‘John Doe’ to your name. You will then be served with a court summons.

Again, under no circumstances should you ever ignore a court summons.

Many clients don’t mind losing their anonymity, but the downside to ignoring your Strike 3 Holdings subpoena and receiving a summons is that your options moving forward are limited, and you’ll also likely lose some of your negotiating power.

3. Strike 3 Holdings LLC Is An Adult Film Producer

Strike 3 Holdings produces pornographic films. They have several subscription sites on which they publish their content. Some of these sites include Blacked, Vixen, and Tushy.

4. Strike 3 Holdings LLC Is Suing You For Copyright Infringement

The company has been filing federal lawsuits, including lawsuits in the Flordia State Court, accusing individuals of copyright infringement.

In sum, the company is accusing you, or someone in your home or office, of illegally downloading Strike 3 Holding’s adult films, most likely through BitTorrent sharing software.

Whether or not you downloaded their content illegally, you are still going to be sued. This is because, at this point, Strike 3 Holdings believes you did and the court believes they have enough evidence for the case to proceed.

You now may have three options available to you:

  1. Settle your case out of court
  2. File a Motion to Quash
  3. Fight back in court

If you choose to settle, having an experienced attorney in these types of cases may help you negotiate a lower Strike 3 Holdings settlement amount. Our law firm will aggressively negotiate settlement amounts for our clients and will fight for you until your case is resolved entirely.

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Our local counsel from the west coast to the east coast helps us efficiently and effectively settle and fight lawsuits in your state. No matter what state you reside in within the United States, our firm can help you with your Strike 3 Holdings Case, as copyright infringement is a federal matter.

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