Working with Jeffrey Antonelli was a pleasure. He always provides options with values and potential negatives for each of the options. His responses were prompt and staff was professional.  I would highly recommend Antonelli Law.

— Anonymous, New York

I have no complaints about the service I received. Everyone was very helpful and even took several calls from me for free over the months as my case developed. I eventually did end up hiring the team to take care of a settlement for me and I had no complaints. They were able to get my settlement down to a level I was agreeable with and offered multiple payment options. Do be aware of credit card fees being passed on to you though but I don’t think that is abnormal.

— C.S.

Many law abiding citizens don’t think this will happen to them but I’m here to say it does. I got a knock at the door one day and received an ISP letter from my cable company and inside of it was a copy of a subpoena with my IP address. I didn’t understand what it was, why I got it or the possible legal issues it could mean for myself and my family much less the worry of dealing with a legal issue when you live paycheck to paycheck. Like most people I googled ISP letter and what you find is scary so I decided to google ISP defense attorneys and Antonelli Law had great reviews and I liked what I saw on their website. I decided to reach out to Antonelli and associates with Jeff himself picking up the phone. Many may not like talking with Attorneys but Jeff was great to talk to and the call was like talking with any other guy. He provided me an initial consultation at no charge while taking his time to get all the specifics but what made the difference is he was very understanding of the situation I was forced into and provided me very sound legal advice even before I retained him. I made sure I was very transparent with him and he was the same with me discussing all options and the possible outcomes of each including possible dollar amounts. I decided to retain his services after we talked. The communication was top notch which is important to me. Jeff reached a settlement quickly while looking out for my interests the whole way. I would definitely recommend calling Jeff and his team if you are put into this unfortunate situation as I was and I will say timeliness makes the difference!

— Anonymous

I am an attorney with approximately twenty years of litigation experience.  I have handled over a thousand cases and have successfully taken many to trial.  A few weeks ago, I received a letter from my internet services provider indicating that Malibu Media had filed an action in Federal Court alleging that someone using my IP address had downloaded and distributed copies of copyrighted pornographic movies.  My internet services provider further advised me that Malibu Media issued a subpoena seeking to discover my identity so that it could personally name me in the already pending lawsuit.  As you can imagine, the disclosure of my identity would not only cause an enormous amount of personal embarrassment, but would undoubtedly cause serious harm to my professional reputation as the Complaint filed by Malibu Media is a publicly filed document which any person, employer, adversary or potential client could view.  After interviewing numerous attorneys, I chose Jeff Antonelli to be my counsel because he was by far the most knowledgeable, practical, experienced and responsive attorney with whom I had spoken.

From the inception of our attorney-client relationship, Jeff returned each of my telephone calls and responded to each of my emails within hours – a practice uncommon for most attorneys. Within a matter of weeks, Jeff negotiated an anonymous settlement at approximately 50% of the amount originally demanded by Malibu Media.  As a result of his aggressive but practical approach, I was able to quickly settle the case and move on with my life without the embarrassment and expense of protracted litigation.

Significantly, Jeff’s extremely affordable flat fee structure provided me with cost certainty, which is a critical component of any litigation dispute.  If you have the unfortunate experience of being accused of violating copyright laws or being named as a defendant in a lawsuit, I cannot recommend Jeff and his team more highly – and this comes from a seasoned litigation professional who knows the difference between a quality lawyer and someone who is not.

— Anonymous

My husband and I recently became aware of a suit brought against us by Strike Three Holdings. We were instantly overwhelmed, confused and frightful of how this could affect our family and whether this would destroy us financially. After a Google search, we stumbled upon Mr. Antonelli’s practice and noticed that he had extensive experience in this area of law. We contacted him to help us navigate this issue, and translate the complicated complaint against us. He made himself available immediately (over the weekend), and answered all of our questions in a timely and clear manner. He was knowledgeable on the exact issue we were facing and had several ideas on how to resolve it. After considering all the options we had, we decided to attempt to settle. Our goal was to experience the least amount of hardship to our finances and stress on our family life. He told us what to expect during the process, and the best/worst outcomes possible, so that we were not shocked at any point.

He was timely with his communications to Plaintiff’s counsel, and resilient in his efforts to help us. I am happy, but more so relieved that he was able to get this resolved, with a favorable outcome for us, in less than two weeks. Mr. Antonelli might be an experienced attorney, who will get the best results possible, but he is a kind human being first, and that was an essential feature in helping our family. His staff was polite, responsive and very supportive. I am grateful that we hired him to help us through this challenging and highly stressful ordeal. Like his paralegal told me in an email “Put him in charge, and let him do him magic!”. She was absolutely accurate in that statement!

I would highly recommend him, with no reservation, to anyone who needs legal representation.

— Anonymous, California

Jeff and his team were amazing in assisting us. They exhibited extreme expertise at handling our case and achieved the best results for it. Jeff was really easy to talk to and explained the process and the options of our case in a very reassuring way. We felt very comfortable with his advice, and the cost of everything was very reasonable. Their experience and knowledge on the process with copyrights spoke for itself during their services and we would recommend Antonelli Law to anyone in need of legal advice/help.

— Anonymous

From start to finish Antonelli Law made my case as stress free as possible.  I was guided through the whole process with easy to understand, simple language.  I felt that I had personal service and reaching Jeffrey Antonelli and his team was always quick and easy.  The team was extremely responsive and was always able to answer my many questions which helped set my mind at ease.  I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case and was happy with my choice in selecting Antonelli Law to represent me.

— R.S., New York

My family and I had a very positive experience with Jeffrey Antonelli. From the first phone call, he told us what comes next and what possible financial risks we would be exposed to. He gave us guidance in a realm of law completely unfamiliar to us, and mentally prepared us for what had to be done. He simplified concepts and got us a great settlement; better than we expected. He was also responsive to emails. We would definitely recommend his law firm!
— Anonymous

Antonelli Law provided me with excellent specialist advice in a most prompt, caring and helpful manner. I am most pleased to have Antonelli Law working on my behalf and can whole heartily recommend their skilled professional services.

— D.V.

When I was in trouble and needed legal assistance, Melissa from Antonelli Law came through for me. She was patient with me and made a tough confusing situation a lot less confusing and she helped me get the best resolution possible.

— R.M

Hiring Jeffrey Antonelli was the best move I ever made. After receiving notice from my ISP of a copyright infringement I was not sure what to do especially since I had had no idea of what the charges were all about. I contacted Jeffrey Antonelli and he explained how serious this was and how big the fines could be. This was a much more serious situation than I thought. He explained the laws to me and what the possible fines would be.

We immediately started gathering whatever evidence we could to fight the case. He advised me every step of the way and stayed on top of the case. Needless to say after months of waiting the case was finally dismissed. What a relief.

Who knows what a financial bind I would be in right now if it was not for Mr. Antonelli and his hard work. Thank you.

— Anonymous, New York

After receiving a notice from my internet service provider regarding misuse of my account, I researched a few law firms. While some could have been fine, they’re were a few that didn’t seem to want to hear my side of the case. But once I spoke to Jeffrey on free consultation phone call, I became comfortable and hopeful that this was the firm I was hoping to find. Within the conversation, He made me comfortable, shared his informed advice and described the options available to me. Something the other firms weren’t able to convey to me. I was ready to move forward with them representing me. And with having anxiety of how things could turn out, the Antonelli Law Team was available and responded to every email I sent, considering the distance between us.  They were able to resolve and help get my case dismissed. I’m grateful for Jeffrey and his team for resolving my case with the best results possible. You and your team have my full endorsement and would definitely refer you to anyone I come across looking for help in this area of law! Thanks again for all you done!

— Anonymous, New Jersey

I received a letter of copyright infringement from my ISP and needless to say I became very concerned. I did some investigating and found out that it was indeed true and not a scam so right then I knew I would need an attorney.

It didn’t take long to come across Mr. Antonelli’s reviews. I was very impressed with what others had to say so I filled out the online document to have a free phone consultation with Mr. Antonelli.

Once I had gotten in touch with him and started to converse, I knew I made the right decision and hired him right then and there. He assured me that everything would be fine and that he would take care of the matter at hand. I felt relieved that Jeffrey was handling my case plus, his fee for the matter was very reasonable.

In a matter of days the case had been resolved and Mr. Antonelli got me a settlement much less than what they were asking for so I’m very pleased with the outcome. I’ll NEVER download copyrighted material again and if you’re reading this I suggest you do the same because it’s just not worth it.

I highly recommend Antonelli Law in case you receive a letter from your ISP about copyright infringement or any other problems you may have.

Thanks for everything Jeffrey!

— Anonymous, Pennsylvania

I interviewed 5 different law firms, both local and national, in regards to my legal issue. Only 2 of the firms replied in a timely manner. Only 1 firm reached out to me via a personal, direct conversation with the actual lawyer.  The other firms either never replied, replied too late, or directed me to a receptionist. 
The only firm that the expertise AND prompt, timely responses to my questions was the law firm of Mr. Jeffrey Antonelli. I work a lot with lawyers in my field of work, and I immediately recognized that Mr. Antonelli was knowledgeable, and he gave me difficult, but honest advice. He always responded to my questions personally via email or phone, and I never had any difficulty reaching him.
My difficult and sensitive matter was handled quickly, smoothly, and with minimal hassle.
I highly recommend Mr. Antonelli, even though he was not a local lawyer in my area. He clearly had the expertise and communication skills needed for my type of case.
With deep gratitude,
— Anonymous, Santa Ana, CA

We are extremely pleased with you and your paralegal that helped us thru this very uncomfortable situation and the legal process of it. I commend you for your dedication and professionalism and we are truly thankful.

— Anonymous

Antonelli Law helped me and my family deal with the lawsuit filed against us from Bodyguard Productions when we were the most confused and didn’t know who to turn to. At the first visit at their office downtown they thoroughly explained everything and immediately took the matter into their own hands. The whole process took about a month and we are very happy with the results and the help that Antonelli Law provided. They are the right people for the job and know exactly what they’re doing! I would recommend you contact them immediately if you ever happen to be in a situation like mine.

— Anonymous

If I had to re-live all that I experienced through my infringement lawsuit from Malibu Media for “allegedly” downloading several adult films, I would hire Antonelli Law all over again without hesitation. Mr. Jeffrey Antonelli and his law team are professional, trustworthy and very well-informed of infringement cases. He has dealt with hundreds of these cases, making my commitment to hire him that much easier to trust him. This being my first lawsuit, Mr. Antonelli was able to successfully calm my nerves and break down all the “fancy” law vernacular into simple terms. As the case progressed, Mr. Antonelli was able to lay out all my options clearly. He was flexible and always available to speak with me over the phone, even daily. His priority was to keep me safe, involve me every step of the case and consider all my personal beliefs and feelings into the matter. Lastly, Mr. Antonelli was able to turnover the case quickly with no drama. I am so thankful for Antonelli Law and would recommend them to everyone. If it were possible, I would rate Antonelli Law with more than 5 stars!

— Anonymous, East Coast

I am very appreciative for everything from the beginning to the end with Attorney Jeffery Antonelli. Your utmost professionalism and advice helped this disturbing case to go away eventually, though with few rough negotiations as expected. But I am feeling much better toward the end despite unexpected and wrongful accusations. Thank you again Jeff for everything you done. Of course I will definitely keep your name in mind in the future if myself or friends that we know need representation to defend and resolve tough matters.

— Anonymous, Connecticut

From the very beginning the law firm has been nothing but kind! Words cannot describe how kind, compassionate, and patient they were with me. Not knowing anything about how the law works, Miss Brabender made sure that I was always up to date on what was going on with my case and explained every action that was made on my behalf in detail. She was very patient with me and never rushed me into any decisions concerning my case. She answered any questions and concerns without any hesitation. I would highly recommend this law firm to anybody who needs any legal services.

— S.B.

I am very much fortunate to find Attorney Jeffrey Antonelli when I was totally at a loss how to deal with this unexpected accusation. Right after reading through his web site, I filled up the on-line consultation form and got immediate response from Jeffrey. Since then, everything went smoothly starting from the initial free consultation to the final settlement agreement taking just less than a month. During the free consultation on the phone, Jeffrey clearly explained the possible outcome of the settlement helping to significantly reduce my time and energy needed to resolve this case. The consultation also helped me to trust him in his dealing with my case although we are apart by thousands of miles! Thank you so much Jeffrey for getting my case clean resolved quickly and reasonably. I will definitely refer you to anyone near me looking for legal advice in need of your expertise.

— Anonymous, California

Lawyers were easy to communicate with and gave good advice. I am pleased with how they handled my legal problem. I would be happy to be used as a reference.

— C.M.

Jeffrey Antonelli and his team have been a great help to me when I needed some legal assistance. They were very prompt with returning my emails and calls, and they also were very helpful with explaining everything in a way anyone could understand.

Not only did I feel pretty confident with Jeffrey and his team working my case, they did an outstanding job representing me and I couldn’t be happier of the outcome. I would highly recommend anyone with legal issues to contact Jeffrey Antonelli and his team.

— Anonymous, Illinois

My issue was handled very professionally and timely! I will be glad to do business again with Antonelli Law.

— I.J.

Antonelli was quick in their response when I reached out to them and I found them to be extremely competent about my particular legal matter. Never did I feel like I wasn’t in great hands. At the end of the day they were very reasonably priced as well. Thanks to everyone on their team.

— C.E.

Mr. Antonelli and his team were very patient and were more than willing to provide me and my family the information we needed to understand what a copyright suit was and what we should expect every step of the way. He gave us an understanding of all the potential avenues we could take to protect ourselves and explained what everything meant in layman’s terms.

I cannot adequately explain how much relief his team provided during this scary time.

— Anonymous, Maryland

I had to deal with Antonelli Law Office in the past and I was treated in very good and satisfactory way. I am so glad that my legal issue was handled in honesty and in privacy and was ended in very professional manner and for a very reasonable cost. Thanks to Amelia from Antonelli Low office whom took very good care of me.

— S.G.

My experience with Antonelli Law was very positive. I was highly impressed by their prompt replies to my emails, even after-hours. Scheduling was very flexible. The entire experience was very open and very convenient for me. In addition, I found the advice they gave me was very helpful and insightful. They were precisely what I wanted in an attorney.

— Anonymous

Jeffrey was a tireless and passionate advocate for me during my case. He used his considerable knowledge, experience, and dedication to bring about a resolution that was favorable to me, against the odds. He treated me with respect and professionalism, and I never felt as if I was just a number. Jeffrey believes in his work and is a genuinely good person with compassion for the underdog. I was lucky to have him represent me and I couldn’t speak more highly of him. I would recommend Jeffrey Antonelli with my utmost confidence and enthusiasm.

— Anonymous, Virginia