Antonelli Law’s reputation for excellence and deep experience has allowed us to form co-counsel relationships with very high quality, established attorneys in a number of states around the United States.

Founded in 2007, Antonelli Law began representing clients accused of online BitTorrent copyright infringement around 2011 near the inception of these types of lawsuits. Since that time, we have helped over 5,000 clients nationwide effectively deal with over 50 different movie companies and many different litigation techniques. Based on this and our prior legal experience in court, we know what to look out for and how to minimize the legal costs and risks involved in these matters.

Nearly all legal work is done daily by our attorneys in downtown Chicago.

To fight the nation-wide BitTorrent Copyright troll phenomenon, we’ve built exceedingly helpful alliances. Just as all corporations with a national presence do, we use local counsel when we represent clients in a number of states to ensure that local court customs and practices won’t catch us by surprise.

These local counsel are our “co-counsel” which, just by their presence, allow us to fight harder for our clients – for better settlements, and to fight harder in court. How? It protects our clients and strengthens our bargaining position by preventing opposing counsel from trying to bully clients with unexpected motions in court, or veiled threats about the high costs of unexpected travel for a purposeless motion. Having these local counsel relationships allows Antonelli Law to have an experienced lawyer in court the same day if necessary, whether it is in federal court in California or federal court in New York.

None of our competition has this strong local counsel support. It is part of why our clients receive such high value when hiring Antonelli Law, regardless of where their litigation case is located.