Attention! New Strike 3 Holdings Subpoenas Received in Tennessee

Strike 3 Holdings strikes again in Tennessee!

If you live in Tennessee and have recently received a notice from your internet service provider regarding a lawsuit filed against you by Strike 3 Holdings for allegedly downloading movies illegally, our attorneys at Antonelli Law can help.

This notice typically arrives with a copy of a subpoena from the attorney representing Strike 3 Holdings. The accusation centers around copyright infringement, suggesting that either you or someone in your household has downloaded Strike 3 Holdings’ content through BitTorrent software without authorization.

Strike 3 Holdings is a company that produces adult film content and distributes through sites such as Blacked, Blacked Raw, Tushy, Tushy Raw, Vixen, MILFY, and Slayed. They are currently pursuing your personal information from your ISP, alleging that you or someone on your internet plan has illegally obtained their adult content through BitTorrent software. Your internet service provider will notify you before sharing any information.

What are the next steps?

When it comes to BitTorrent copyright defense, Antonelli Law leads the way as the premier firm in the field. With a focus solely on this unique area of law, we offer unmatched expertise and experience to clients nationwide.

At Antonelli Law, we understand that every case is different. That is why we take time to assess your individual circumstances and tailor our approach accordingly. Whether you’re considering settling, fighting back in court, or filing a motion to quash, we’re here to guide you from start to finish

For a deeper understanding of these types of cases, explore our Strike 3 Holdings page. This is a blog dedicated to case updates.

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