How Do You Settle With Strike 3 Holdings?

The question of settlement is a large one when it comes to Strike 3 Holdings.

We are commonly asked:

Should I settle with Strike 3 Holdings?

How much will it cost to settle with Strike 3 Holdings?

And finally,

How do I settle with Strike 3 Holdings?

While every case is unique, see below to help you decide whether or not settlement is right for you.

Should I settle with Strike 3 Holdings?

Whether or not you should settle is a very personal decision.

Our job is to walk you through the case, explain likely outcomes based on your individual situation, and layout all the facts for you. The biggest drawback of settling with Strike 3 is that you have to pay the settlement fee regardless of whether or not you feel you should have to.

However, the advantages of settling include:

  1. Your case typically gets resolved quicker
  2. Your case is resolved anonymously from public records
  3. We can ensure that you (not just your IP address) are released so that Strike 3 Holdings can’t sue you again for other supposed download activity that happened before the settlement agreement

How much does a settlement with Strike 3 Holdings cost?

It depends on a number of factors, including how many illegal downloads you are being accused of. Typically, Strike 3 Holdings requests about $750/movie, however, the maximum amount requested tends to top out around $50,000.

How do you settle with Strike 3 Holdings?

First, we recommend that you don’t sign anything until you have your own representation. We advise that anyone dealing with a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit speak to an attorney experienced in these types of cases.

If you would like to settle, we can help. We aggressively negotiate the best settlement on your behalf. The negotiations vary based on several factors, but average settlements tend to range from under $100/movie to approximately $500/movie. We can give you a more specific assessment and help set your expectations once we know the specifics of your case. We can also ensure that, if your circumstances qualify, both the settlement and the settlement payment is made anonymously.

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Hear from a Strike 3 Holdings client:

Vs strike 3 holdings
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
January 11, 2022

This gentleman was upfront and honest about every step and various options we could take for this bittorrent copyright suit. In the end he saved me over $16,000 in a fast and efficient manner. Would hire again without any second thought.