Important Rulings In Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuits

A recent article in Torrent Freak dives into the recent court rulings affecting Strike 3 Holdings lawsuits. The article states

“A New Jersey district court has reversed a devastating order against Strike 3 Holdings, the most active copyright litigant in the US. A magistrate judge previously denied the company the right to subpoena ISPs because the underlying complaints are futile. While these subpoenas are now allowed, Strike 3 can’t initiate settlement discussions.”

What this means for Strike 3 Holdings

In October of 2019 a Judge denied Strike 3 Holdings expedited discovery in many of its cases stating that there were very few facts included in the complaints. However, that ruling was recently reversed by a New Jersey Judge allowing them to subpoena ISPs for personal data of defendants. While this seemed to be a positive for Strike 3 Holdings there was an important stipulation.

The Judge put protective measures into place to protect the anonymity and privacy of defendants. This protective order prohibits Strike 3 Holdings from making defendant’s personal data public. On top of this protective measure, the Judge also stated that Strike 3 Holdings is no longer allowed to propose settlements:

“Plaintiff is prohibited from initiating, directly or indirectly, any settlement communications with defendant (or any person associated with defendant or the IP address), unless (1) that party is represented by counsel and (2) their counsel initiates settlement discussions.”

About Strike 3 Holdings lawsuits

Strike 3 Holdings accuses defendants of illegally downloading their adult film content. Defendants have three options in these cases:

  • Settle anonymously
  • File a motion to quash
  • Fight the case in court

These cases are time-sensitive and serious. If you’re a defendant in a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit, don’t delay. Call an experienced copyright infringement attorney to discuss your options and learn more about your lawsuit.

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