Should I Settle My Strike 3 Holdings LLC Case?

Wondering what an appropriate settlement amount for your Strike 3 Holdings case is? Unsure if there are any other options available to you regarding your case? Antonelli Law is here to help answer any questions you may have.

Can Your Law Firm Help With My Strike 3 Holdings LLC Case?

We recommend scheduling a confidential free consultation with Antonelli Law to go over your specific Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit.

Antonelli Law has defended people targeted in the type of lawsuit like the one filed by Strike 3 Holdings LLC for years. Most local attorneys have no background in dealing with this kind of federal lawsuit: we are extremely experienced in getting cases just like yours resolved quickly and cost-effectively. Indeed, we’ve handled over a thousand Strike 3 Holdings cases in the past few years.

During our free, confidential consultation about your Strike 3 Holdings LLC lawsuit, we can discuss things such as:

  • What your notice means, and what options are still open to you
  • How much each option is likely to cost
  • The typical settlement amounts based on your specific lawsuit
  • What to expect if you go to court
  • Any other questions that concern you or your case

What To Know About Settling With Strike 3 Holdings LLC

Settling with Strike 3 Holdings LLC can make the situation go away faster and can buy you some peace of mind.

When we discuss your options during our free, confidential consultation, we can explain how if you do choose to settle through Antonelli Law and your circumstances qualify, we can ensure that both the settlement and the settlement payment is made anonymously.

Unfortunately, this also means that you will have to pay a settlement regardless of whether or not you believe you should have to. However, our firm has found that many clients feel that the ability to ensure their anonymity and end the process is worth the settlement.

The Pros and Cons Of Settling with Strike 3 Holdings LLC

The pros of settling your case may include:

  • Your case being resolved quickly
  • Your case being resolved anonymously from public records
  • Our firm works to ensure that you as a person (not just your IP address) are released so you can’t be sued again for any other supposed download activity that happened before your settlement

The cons of settling your case may include:

  • You will have to pay a settlement fee regardless of whether or not you feel you should have to

Options For Your Strike 3 Holdings LLC Case

Whether or not you downloaded the company’s content, you will still be sued at this point, as Strike 3 Holdings thinks you have illegally downloaded their adult pornographic films and the court believes they have enough evidence for the case to proceed.

You now have three options available to you:

  1. Settle your case out of court
  2. File a Motion to Quash
  3. Fight back in court

If you choose to settle, having an attorney experienced in these types of cases may help you negotiate a lower Strike 3 Holdings settlement amount. We aggressively negotiate settlement amounts for our clients and will fight for you until your case is resolved entirely.

No matter the state, you can hire Antonelli Law for your Strike 3 Holdings LLC case.