Strike 3 Holdings LLC Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Have you received a notice in the mail from your internet service provider from a company known as Strike 3 Holdings? If so, you are likely to be sued by the company for copyright infringement due to the supposed download(s) of their content.

strike 3 holdings llc, copyright infringement

Who Is Strike 3 Holdings LLC?

Strike 3 Holdings is an adult content creator. The pornographic films are published under the subscriptions sites known as Blacked, Tushy, and or Vixen. The company is currently filing federal lawsuits, including those in Florida State Court, for copyright infringement.

Strike 3 Holdings LLC is suing you for copyright infringement, alleging that someone on your internet connection illegally downloaded the company’s content.

In reviewing a summons or subpoena from the company Strike 3 Holdings, you may feel as though the company is trying to embarrass you into a settlement.

Antonelli Law is here to help our clients figure out the best course of action for you and your particular case to help solve the issue at hand. We are one of the most experienced BitTorrent copyright defense law firms, serving clients across the United States of America. We will work to help you resolve this conflict as discreetly and quickly as possible.

If you are wondering if this includes you, please note the following. Again, each case will vary and have different circumstances.

Why Is Strike 3 Holdings LLC Suing Me?

Did you receive a notice from your Internet Service Provider (AT&T, Sparklight, Lumen, Charter, Frontier, Verizon, Comcast/Xfinity, etc.) and a copy of a subpoena from a company called Strike 3 Holdings?

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been served with a subpoena and are about to be sued. They are accusing you, or someone in your home or office, of illegally downloading Strike 3 Holding’s adult films, most likely through BitTorrent sharing software.

Essentially, this is a lawsuit accusing you of copyright infringement.

The notice you have received from your provider is likely to inform you that the company is seeking your personal information. This is so they can sue you for copyright infringement.

Note, if you have just only received this notice, you may still be anonymous, known only as John Doe. Strike 3 Holdings does not yet know who you are. However the longer you wait, the fewer options you may have and you could lose some of your negotiating power.

What Are My Options In a Strike 3 Holdings LLC Lawsuit?

Whether you did do what the company is accusing you of or not, you will still most likely be sued. This is due to the fact that Strike 3 Holdings believe you did and the court now believes they have enough evidence for your case to continue.

Depending on the status of your case and/or circumstance, you may have various different options available to you. This may include:

  • Settling your case out of court
  • Filing a Motion to Quash
  • Fighting back in court

If you do choose to settle, it’s vital to note that having an attorney with experience in these specific types of cases may help you negotiate a lower Strike 3 Holdings settlement amount.

Here at Antonelli Law we will work to aggressively negotiate settlement amounts for you and will fight for you until the case is resolved in its entirety.

What If I Ignore My Strike 3 Holdings LLC Subpoena?

Please note that your subpoena is REAL. This is not a scam that you have received in the mail. You are being sued for copyright infringement in federal court.

Currently, if you have just received the notice, you are known as a John Doe defendant. If you ignore your subpoena, your internet service provider WILL LIKELY release your name to Strike 3 Holdings and you will no longer be known as John Doe.

Once the company has your official legal name, in almost all cases, they will work to amend the complaint name in public court documents. You will then be served with a court summons.

Under no circumstance should someone EVER ignore a court summons.

Although many clients do not mind losing anonymity the downside to ignoring the subpoena and receiving a summons is that a lot of your options moving forward are limited. You will lose some of your negotiating power if you chose to ignore your subpoena.

Free Consultation For A Strike 3 Holdings LLC Lawsuit

Antonelli Law offers a free confidential consultation. During this consultation about your unique case we can discuss the following:

  • What your notice from Strike 3 Holdings means now and in the future
  • Which options are still open to you and your case
  • How much each option is likely to cost for you
  • Typical settlement amounts based on your specific lawsuit
  • What to expect if you go to court
  • Any other questions that concern you and your case such as copyright laws, attorney fees, paying a settlement, and more.

Looking for a Strike 3 Holdings LLC Lawsuit attorney to help with your case, call Antonelli Law.