What Are My Options For My Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit?

Strike 3 Holdings LLC is suing you for copyright infringement. What do you do now that you know your lawsuit is real?

My Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit Is Real, What Should I Do?

Do not sign anything, do not delete anything, and contact an experienced internet service provider subpoena defense attorney.

Why you shouldn’t sign anything:

  • With any lawsuit, you should not sign paperwork without fully understanding what you are signing. If you receive something in the mail from the Strike 3 Holdings LLC company requesting your signature, do not sign it. You should wait to sign it until you have had the chance to consult with an attorney that is representing you. This is so you understand the implication of what you are signing.

Why you should not delete anything:

  • Oftentimes, many defendants assume that if they have deleted the content from their personal devices, it can help get rid of any evidence that they have downloaded from the company. However, this is not the case. If you do delete the content, it can end up making your penalties worse and appear as an admission of guilt.

Why you should contact an experienced internet service provider subpoena defense attorney:

  • Once you are sure you are being sued, contacting someone who can guide you through the next steps in your case will be helpful. The attorneys at Antonelli Law are highly experienced with copyright infringement lawsuits like those filed by Strike 3 Holdings.

At Antonelli Law, we can discuss your specific case, go through your options, and help you come up with a plan of what to do next.

Filing A Motion To Quash For Your Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit

When filing a motion to quash, it is essentially telling the court that the Complaint is so deficient that it cannot be repaired. This is because of either jurisdictional or technical reasons.

At Antonelli Law, we believe a motion to quash can work in certain limited circumstances, but it’s important to note that it is a risk.

While this does seem the best option on the surface, even if you win the motion to quash the subpoena, the movie company will likely have the right to file an amended lawsuit against you.

If they do file an amended lawsuit, a second motion to quash may need to be filed. The judge may or may not throw the case out of court, and it is possible that Strike 3 Holdings LLC may appeal the decision to the appellate court. The circumstances of each case will be unique. Antonelli Law has been successful with multiple motions to quash and can provide expert advice on your case.

Pros Of Filing A Motion To Quash: Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit

There are several pros to filing a motion to quash. This can include:

  • the case is being thrown out for various/multiple reasons
  • the movie company could be exposed if it was engaged in some kind of technical chicanery or unethical practices, and the case could fall apart

Cons Of Filing A Motion To Quash: Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit

There are several cons to filing a motion to quash. This can include:

  • that you still may be sued
  • that you may lose your anonymity if the motion is denied

Call Antonelli Law to help you get the best possible outcome for your circumstances in your Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit