Who is Strike 3 Holdings?

Did you receive a notification in the mail from your internet provider that Strike 3 Holdings is seeking your personal details, including your name and address?

If so, you’re probably wondering… Who is Strike 3 Holdings?

Is this real? What is this about?

Yes, this is real, and it’s essentially an accusation of copyright infringement.

Strike 3 Holdings is a company that produces pornographic films under the subscription sites Blacked, Vixen, and Tushy.

If you are trying to figure out who Strike 3 Holdings is, they are likely accusing you, or someone at your home or office, of illegally downloading their content.

Can I ignore Strike 3 Holdings?

If you’ve been served with a subpoena it is likely that you are about to be sued. When you first receive the notice you are still anonymous and have several options available on how you want to wait. The longer you wait the fewer options that may be available to you. You may also lose some of your negotiating power.

First, here are some things you shouldn’t do:

  1. Don’t ignore it in order to keep as many options available as possible
  2. We recommend that you don’t sign anything until you’ve had at the very least a consultation with an attorney so you understand the implications of what you’re signing.
  3. Don’t try to delete anything off of your computer. This can end up making any penalties worse and could appear as an admission of guilt.
  4. Don’t get Reddit Strike 3 Holdings advice. Each Strike 3 Holdings case is unique- consider scheduling a free consultation with our experienced Strike 3 attorneys so you have a better picture of your case.

Watch the video above and visit our main Strike 3 Holdings page to learn more about these cases.

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June 21, 2021