Suggestions After Being Notified About Your Strike 3 Holdings

Strike 3 Holdings LLC has been filing cases across the United States of America for copyright infringement. As an adult film company that produces pornographic films, they have several subscription sites. They are accusing individuals of downloading their content without the appropriate licenses, often with a BitTorrent sharing software.

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Suggestions After Being Notified About Your Strike 3 Holdings LLC Lawsuit

Below are suggestions after reviewing the notification you’ve received from your internet service provider. The first thing to note is not to sign anything. For any lawsuit, you should not sign paperwork without a full understanding of what you are signing and or agreeing to. If you have received something in the mail from Strike 3 Holdings requesting your signature, do not sign anything until you have had the chance to consult with an attorney that is representing you. This is so you are aware of the implication of what you are signing.

Secondly, do not delete anything. Often, many defendants assume that if they begin to delete the content from their devices, it will help get rid of any evidence that they have downloaded Strike 3 Holding content. However, this is not the case. In fact, if you delete content it can end up making your penalties worse and may appear as an admission of guilt.

Third, contact an experienced internet service provider subpoena defense attorney. Once you have noted that you are being sued, you may want to contact someone who can properly guide you through the next steps. The attorneys at our practice, Antonelli Law, are highly experienced with copyright infringement and can help you with your lawsuit like those filed by Strike 3 Holdings. We are happy to discuss your unique case and review the options available to you. Antonelli Law can help you come up with a plan of what to do next and provide answers to any of the inquiries or concerns you may have.

Whether you’re being sued in Federal Court or in Florida State Court, we can help you.

What Are My Options If Being Sued By Strike 3 Holdings LLC?

Whether or not you have downloaded content from the company, you are still going to be sued. Currently, Strike 3 Holdings thinks you have downloaded their content and or have evidence for copyright infringement, and the court believes they have enough evidence for your case to proceed.

At this point, you now have three possible options:

  • Settle your unique case out of court
  • File a Motion to Quash
  • Fight back in court

If you choose to settle, having an attorney experienced in these types of cases may help you negotiate a lower Strike 3 Holdings settlement amount. We aggressively negotiate settlement amounts for our clients and will fight for you until your case is resolved entirely.

How Much Will Settling With Strike 3 Holdings LLC Cost?

This is hard to pinpoint as every case will be entirely different when it comes to settling the case. Most cases are resolved out of court, and we offer a reasonable flat fee for motions to quash or for helping you settle and remain anonymous in many cases.

Antonelli Law will negotiate the best settlement possible on your behalf. We have successfully worked to negotiate anonymous elements that were lower than the original amount demanded. We will work to fight to get the best financial outcome for you.

Since every case is different, it will be hard to gauge the exact number of movies over which a client will get sued. We have seen cases where the defendant has downloaded over 240 films while others downloaded around 20.

Typically, Strike 3 Holdings requests roughly $750 per movie downloaded. However, the maximum amount requested by Strike 3 tends to be about $50,000.

A negotiated settlement amount varies and will depend on several factors. The average settlements tend to range from under $100 per movie to around $500 per movie. We have also been able to prove financial hardship and get a settlement down to a 250 total. This shows how it truly is case-specific.

When we represent you, we take a look at your case from every angle and then aggressively negotiate on your behalf. Once we know the specifics of your case, we can give you a more specific assessment and help set your expectations.

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