Have you received a Summons or Subpoena from Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, Inc.?

Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, Inc. has filed federal copyright infringement lawsuits alleging illegal downloads of their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software.

Your first notice of the lawsuit will probably be a letter from your internet service provider (ISP) like Comcast, Cox, Verizon or AT&T, and a subpoena from Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, Inc. (Siemens PLM).

We’re America’s most experienced BT copyright defense firm and represent cases nationwide.

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Why Hire a Specialist ISP Subpoena Defense Law Firm?
Antonelli Law will:

  • Reduce your anxiety about the problem
  • Give clear, up to date information to help you decide what to do
  • Be responsive and accessible via phone and email
  • Help you resolve this problem: most cases are resolved out of court for a flat legal fee for anonymous settlements.
  • Help you fight it: We are tenacious and effective lawyers in lawsuit litigation


More about your Siemens PLM subpoena:

Why have I received this?
The ISP letter and Siemens PLM subpoena probably relate to a federal copyright infringement lawsuit alleging that someone in the home or office illegally obtained their PLM software such as Femap, Solid Edge, NX, or FloTHERM, using file-sharing software such as BitTorrent.

Siemens PLM software (including the above listed) contains valuable IP and is protected under US copyright law. Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software, Inc. is now filing copyright infringement lawsuits for the illegal downloading of one or more of their products.

Is it real?
Yes, and ignoring the subpoena will reduce your options to fight it. Typically, you only have two weeks to a month to file a motion to quash or vacate the subpoena.

Can I get out of it?
Once you’ve received a subpoena, there are three options available:

  • Settle your case, either anonymously or not (Read about settling here)
  • File a motion to quash before it gets to court (Learn more here)
  • Prepare to fight your case in court. We are experienced litigators who fight back vigorously.

We’ve helped nearly 3,000 clients across the US resolve their cases and can help you figure out the best course of action for you.

How much will it cost?

  • Most cases are resolved out of court. When you choose to settle or file a motion to quash, your case can be settled out of court. We offer a reasonable Flat Fee for motions to quash, or for helping you settle.
  • Want to fight it in court? We charge an hourly fee for more draw out cases that end up in court. We can explain what to expect during our free consultation so that you understand your options.

What do I do now?

  • The best thing to do is to speak with an experienced ISP Subpoena Defense Lawyer. This is a swiftly changing area of law and we continually follow the latest developments. We understand the technology so we are able to better defend you; our last complex trial involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert.
  • Don’t sign anything
  • Don’t try to delete anything – this could make penalties worse
  • Decide how you want to handle it
  • Read our FAQ page if you’re still feeling confused or scared.
  • Our consultations are free and we work nationwide.

If you’ve received a Siemens PLM Subpoena or were served a Summons, don’t panic. We will help you solve this.

Learn the facts and speak for free, confidentially, with our experienced attorneys at 312-201-8310 or click here.


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An Overview of BitTorrent Copyright Infringement

To get an overview of this type of litigation and what you might expect to experience, click here for Jeffrey Antonelli’s article Torrent Wars, published by the Illinois State Bar Association’s Intellectual Property section.

More Information
See our motions to quash page and give us a call to speak with an attorney about filing a motion to quash the subpoena your ISP received for your account information and name.

See our should I settle? page if you are thinking about possibly settling and give us a call.

Who is Siemens PLM and What Are These Lawsuits About?

Siemens PLM accuses defendants of copyright infringement by using software such as BitTorrent and the internet to obtain their PLM software such as, Femap, Solid Edge, NX, or FloTHERM, without paying the appropriate licensing fee. Their PLM software allows companies to manage the lifecycle of a product and relates to product design, CAD tools, and the designing of pieces to fit together into assemblies.

The Siemens PLM lawsuit is one of many copyright infringement cases we see, which are sometimes called “copyright troll” lawsuits or BitTorrent lawsuits. BitTorrent is a common software people use to illegally download items online.

Many cases can be resolved through an attorney by negotiation for a small business or individual license fee.

Most of these lawsuits are filed in Texas federal court, but notices can be sent all over the country. We can represent clients nationwide as this is a federal case.

Our Nationwide Experience With BitTorrent Copyright Lawsuits

Since 2011 we’ve been defending people targeted in BitTorrent copyright infringement lawsuits like the one filed by Siemens PLM and have helped nearly 3,000 clients nationwide. We have a great deal of insight into what works and what is a waste of your time and money.

We have no desire to waste your time with legal work that does not advance your defense and only racks up lawyer fees. However, we are experienced litigators and are prepared to defend our clients vigorously. Either way, we will never put our interests ahead of your own.

We are headquartered in Illinois and have local counsel from coast to coast to help us efficiently and effectively settle and fight lawsuits in your state.

If you have received an ISP letter informing you a subpoena for your identity was received, or if you are served with a summons or waiver of service, we can help.

We understand the shock you may be feeling from receiving a notice of this action, but we have the experience to help you deal with this in the best way possible and resolve your case.

For immediate advice and a free initial consultation call attorney Jeffrey Antonelli at 312-201-8310, fill out our simple contact page, or email us with a request to call you back at a time that is convenient for you. Attorney referrals accepted.

Hiring Antonelli Law Is No More Expensive than Hiring a Local Attorney in Your State

Antonelli Law’s numerous federal court admissions, local counsel affiliations, and the nature of federal lawsuits allow us to effectively and cost-consciously represent you in your copyright infringement defense, no matter which state you live in – and no more expensively than a local attorney.

We are able to represent you in your federal case without being more expensive or more difficult to hire than hiring a local attorney because federal courts require attorneys to file their papers electronically, and often conduct hearings by telephone. This makes frequent trips to the courthouse unnecessary. Also, we do not charge for airline flights or flying travel charges. Clients pay only for the normal travel time to the courthouse any local attorney would charge.

Finally, we have affiliated local counsel in a number of states who can appear in court on an expedited basis when necessary. We will, of course, be in court personally when necessary such as non-routine hearings or a trial.

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Our Legal Services

We offer a reasonable Flat Fee for motions to quash, helping you settle and remain anonymous in many cases, and reasonable fees for defending you if you are named as a defendant in a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Selected severe financial hardship cases are handled on a reduced or pro bono basis. We accept attorney referrals and clients for Illinois, Indiana, Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Florida, and other states’ federal file-sharing cases. This is a swiftly changing area of law and we continually follow the latest developments.

Antonelli Law Ltd. provides advice based on years of solid litigation experience representing consumers and businesses and concentrates on representing people accused of BitTorrent copyright infringement. You need serious legal advice for your copyright troll defense – not from a firm who can only try to negotiate a settlement but has little or no actual litigation experience. Our last complex trial involved computer firewalls, sophisticated commercial networks, and a Microsoft certified expert. We have the credentials to back up our advice and settlement postures, and the other side knows it.

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