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Antonelli Law provides effective, affordable legal defense nationwide against movie-based “copyright troll” lawsuits. Defense against ISP subpoenas and copyright infringement summons.

Over the past six years, Antonelli Law has helped nearly 2,000 clients across the country with smart, thorough legal representation. Each client’s case resulted in the successful resolution of the subpoena or lawsuit. And every one of these clients contacted Antonelli Law for a free consultation that was honest, thorough, and helpful.

BitTorrent Movie Download Copyright Infringement Lawyers

If you need legal help or a free consultation, our attorneys and local counsel are located in nearly every state that movie-based copyright lawsuits are filed in or are admitted to the federal court there. Click here to contact us for free and see Our Team for more information on our attorneys.

Whether you need to settle anonymously through an attorney, wish to quash the subpoena seeking your identity via IP address, or need competent zealous legal defense in court- Antonelli Law has proven it will do so with your goals in mind.

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Our Salt Lake City, UT ISP Subpoena Lawyers routinely defend cases from plaintiffs such as:

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