I Got A Strike 3 Holdings LLC Subpoena

You may feel as though the aim of Strike 3 Holdings is to shock and embarrass you into paying a substantial settlement on their terms. Antonelli Law can help you figure out the best plan of action for your particular case.

Antonelli Law is America’s most experienced BitTorrent copyright defense law firm, serving clients nationwide. We’ll help you resolve this problem as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Why Are You Being Sued By Strike 3 Holdings LLC

Strike 3 Holdings LLC is a company that produces adult films. These are pornographic films that are published under the subscription sites known as Blacked, Vixen, and Tushy. The company is currently filing federal lawsuits. These lawsuits are also occurring in Floride State Court for copyright infringement.

Did you receive a notice from your Internet Service Provider, such as AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, etc., with a copy of a subpoena from a company called Strike 3 Holdings? If you are reading this you are likely received a notification with a copy of a subpoena from Strike 3 Holdings; most likely, you are about to be sued.

The company is accusing you or someone in your office or home of the illegal downloading of Strike 3 Holdings’ adult films. This is most likely through BitTorrent sharing software.

Essentially, this is a lawsuit accusing you of copyright infringement.

Strike 3 Holding LLC Lawsuit Is Real, What Now?

Do not sign anything, do not delete anything, and contact an experienced internet service provider subpoena defense attorney.

To dive in deeper:

In any lawsuit, you should not sign paperwork without a full understanding of what you are agreeing to. If you have received something in the mail from Strike 3 Holdings, requesting your signature, do not sign it until you have had the chance to consult with an attorney representing you. This is so that you know the implications of what you are signing.

Many defendants assume that if they do delete the content from their devices, it will help get rid of any evidence that they have downloaded Strike 3 Holdings’ content. This is not the case. In fact, if you delete content it can end up making your penalties worse and appear as an admission of guilt.

Contact an experienced internet service provider subpoena defense attorney. Once you’re sure you’re being sued, contact someone who can guide you through the next steps. The attorneys at Antonelli Law are highly experienced with copyright infringement lawsuits like those filed by Strike 3 Holdings. We can discuss your specific case, go through your options, and help you come up with a plan of what to do next.

Whether you’re being sued in Federal Court or in Florida State Court, we can help you.

Strike 3 Holdings LLC Case Options

Whether or not you did download their content, you’re still going to be sued. At this point Strike 3 Holdings thinks you did, and the court believes they have enough evidence for the case to proceed.

You now have three options available to you:

  • Settle your case out of court
  • File a Motion to Quash
  • Fight back in court

If you choose to settle, having an attorney experienced in these types of cases may help you negotiate a lower Strike 3 Holdings settlement amount. We work to aggressively negotiate settlement amounts for our client and will fight for you until your case is resolved entirely.

How Did Strike 3 Holdings LLC Identify Me?

Each internet connection has a unique IP address that is specific to that connection. Using a variety of methods and technology, Strike 3 Holdings was allegedly able to track illegal downloads of their content to your IP address.

Once Strike 3 Holdings has your IP address, they can do a ‘reverse lookup’ and figure out who provides the internet to your home (Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Cox, etc.). Knowing both your IP address and your internet provider, Strike 3 Holdings filed a federal lawsuit for copyright infringement and asked a judge for permission to send a subpoena to your internet provider. This subpoena is requesting your name and address. The notice you received is your internet provider letting you know your personal information is being requested. Before your internet provider releases this information, they send the subpoena notification to you.

When you first receive this notification, you are still anonymous.

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