Jeffrey Antonelli Interviewed by Honolulu’s Civil Beat About Strike 3 Holdings Cases Filed in Hawaii

Strike 3 Holdings is ‘Waging War In Honolulu Against Alleged Copyright Pirates’- Civil Beat

According to the article, since 2022, Strike 3 has mounted its campaign in Honolulu with the help of Christian Kamau. His firm, Virtuesq, says it merges “modern legal expertise with the spirit of Hawaii.”

Kamau did not respond to a call for comment.

Kamau’s latest complaint on Strike 3’s behalf was filed May 29 against “John Doe subscriber assigned IP address”

The lawsuit is almost identical to the others filed on Strike 3’s behalf in Honolulu. It alleges the defendant didn’t simply share a graphic sex film or two with an intimate friend. Rather, the complaint alleges, “Defendant is, in a word, stealing these works on a grand scale,” using BitTorrent to pirate “25 movies over an extended period of time.”

Civil Beat also interviewed our very own Jeffrey Antonelli for the article, seeking his deep experience with BitTorrent copyright infringement lawsuits, such as the Strike 3 Holdings lawsuits.

In an interview, Antonelli said that while civil lawsuits usually settle rather than going to trial, Strike 3’s complaints are in a special class. BitTorrent cases almost never go to trial, he said.

“I have never come across a legal practice like BitTorrent copyright infringement,” he said.

A typical settlement might be around $750 to $1,000 per movie, Antonelli said, although he said it could go higher.

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