Motion to Quash Your Strike 3 Holdings Subpoena

Have you received a notification about a subpoena by Strike 3 Holdings?

Are you looking for information on Strike 3 Holdings, and also understanding what a Motion to Quash is?  Watch our video above to learn more about this option.

You can also click here to visit our main Strike 3 Holdings page to learn more about who Strike 3 Holdings is, what they want, how they got your name and what all of your options are.


What some recent clients say:

Great help and ease of mind

Posted by anonymousSeptember 24, 2021

Excellent service

Posted by anonymousSeptember 9, 2021

Great lawyer

Posted by anonymousAugust 24, 2021

Are you being sued by Strike 3 Holdings?

We can help. We are experienced in dealing with copyright infringement lawsuits and have represented hundreds of clients in their case against Strike 3 Holdings. Make sure you visit our main Strike 3 Holdings page and then contact us for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case.