New Strike 3 Holdings Cases in Connecticut, Hawaii, and Tennessee

Strike 3 Holdings has filed new cases across the country, hitting Connecticut, Hawaii, and Tennessee.

Have you recently received a notice from your internet service provider (such as Astound Broadband Powered by RCN, AT&T, Xfinity, HughesNet, Viasat Internet, Verizon Fios, etc.) with a copy of a subpoena from a company called Strike 3 Holdings?

Strike 3 Holdings LLC is a company that produces pornographic films. These adult films are typically published under subscription sites such as Slayed, Blacked, Vixen, and Tushy. The notice you received is your internet provider letting you know your personal information is being requested by Strike 3 Holdings. Before your internet provider releases this information, they send the subpoena notification to you.

If you’ve just received the notice, you may feel the aim of Strike 3 Holdings is to shock and embarrass you into paying a substantial settlement on their terms. We can help you figure out the best course of action for your particular case, whether that’s settling, fighting back in court, or filing a motion to quash.

Make sure you visit our main Strike 3 Holdings page for all the information you need to know about these lawsuits, including what your options are for moving forward and our detailed FAQ section. This is a blog dedicated to case updates.

Strike 3 Holdings Connecticut:

3:2023cv00084 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2023cv00103 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe

Strike 3 Holdings Hawaii:

1:2023cv00036 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. John Doe subscriber
1:2023cv00037 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. John Doe Subscriber

Strike 3 Holdings Tennessee:

3:2023cv00070 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2023cv00071 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2023cv00088 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe

Made It All Go Away
Like many others, I got a letter in the mail saying that someone on my network had downloaded something that belonged to 3 Strikes Holdings, who are a kind of IP troll. Jeffrey was thorough in explaining everything, he was able to help us through the process and we just got notified that the whole thing has been dismissed. No one ever wants to have to get an attorney but in this case, we did and it was worth it. Lesson learned.