Why Is Strike 3 Holdings LLC Suing Me?

Strike 3 Holdings LLC has filed copyright infringement lawsuits alleging illegal downloads of their adult films produced by Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen.

You may feel the aim of Strike 3 Holdings is to shock and embarrass you into paying a substantial settlement on the company’s terms. We can help you determine the best course of action for your particular case regarding your Strike 3 Holdings LLC lawsuit.

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How Did Strike 3 Holdings LLC Find Me?

Each internet connection we have contains a unique IP address that is specific to that connection. By using various methods and technology, the company is allegedly able to track the illegal downloads of their content to your IP address. Once Strike 3 Holdings LLC has your unique IP address, they can do a ‘reverse lookup.’ By doing this, they can determine who provides the internet to your home, such as Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, Cox, etc.

Once they have your IP address and your internet service provider, Strike 3 Holdings can file a federal lawsuit for copyright infringement and ask a judge for permission to send a subpoena to your internet provider. This subpoena is requesting your name and address, and the notice you have recently received is your internet provider letting you know your personal information is being requested.

Before your internet provider releases this information, they send the subpoena notification to you.

This is why you are still anonymous when you first receive your subpoena notification, and the longer you wait, the fewer options you’ll have. The court and Strike 3 Holdings still know you as ‘John Doe.’ Typically, you have 30 days or less from the day you receive the notification to decide how you want to handle your case.

Should I Consider Settling My Strike 3 Holdings LLC Lawsuit?

If you settle with Strike 3 Holdings LLC, you can make the situation go away faster and can also buy peace of mind. When we discuss your options during our free, confidential consultation, we can explain how if you settle through Antonelli Law and your circumstances qualify, we can ensure that both the settlement and the settlement payment are made anonymously.

However, this does mean you will have to pay a settlement regardless of whether or not you believe you should have to.

We’ve found many clients feel that ending the process and moving on with life makes settling worth it.

What Are My Strike 3 Holdings LLC Lawsuit Options?

Whether or not you downloaded their content, you’re still going to be sued. At this point, Strike 3 Holdings thinks you downloaded their content and the court believes they have enough evidence for your case to proceed.

You now have three options available to you. You can possibly settle your case out of court, file a Motion to Quash, or fight back in court. If you choose to settle, having an attorney experienced in these types of cases may help you negotiate a lower Strike 3 Holdings settlement amount.

Antonelli Law will aggressively negotiate settlement amounts for our clients and will fight for you until your case is resolved entirely.

What If I Ignore My Lawsuit From Strike 3 Holdings LLC?

First, you should note that this subpoena is real, and it is not a scam. You are being sued for copyright infringement in federal court.

If you choose to ignore the Strike 3 Holdings subpoena, your ISP will likely release your name to Strike 3 Holdings LLC’s lawyers. Once the lawyers have your name, in almost all of the cases, they will amend the complaint name in the public court documents from ‘John Doe’ to your name. You will then be served with a court summons.

Under no circumstances should you ever ignore a court summons. Even if you don’t mind losing your anonymity, the downside to ignoring your Strike 3 Holdings subpoena and receiving a summons is that your options moving forward are limited, and you’ll lose some of your negotiating power.

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