Sued by Strike 3 Holdings? Hear from a Client.

Have you recently received a notice that you’re about to be sued by Strike 3 Holdings?

You aren’t alone! Strike 3 Holdings has sued thousands of people across the United States in both federal and Florida state court. They are alleging that defendants illegally downloaded their adult film content without paying the appropriate licensing fees. Essentially, you are being sued for copyright infringement that can be made more embarrassing due to the nature of the content that was allegedly downloaded.

We’ve been representing clients on these sorts of cases for several years; if this is your first time researching Strike 3 Holdings please visit our main page for more comprehensive information.

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Need an attorney in your Strike 3 Holdings case? Here are some reviews from recent clients:

Only Results!
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
November 17, 2021

Came upon this legal firm after a comprehensive online search. Went through the entire process, including (free) consultation, and hiring. Words of praise are not enough to describe my experience. Communication and overall resolution were nothing short of exemplary. Would definitely (highly) recommend! The service was comprehensive, cordial, and always maintained with the utmost humility. “Thank you” is certainly an understatement.

Smooth process and a great result
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
November 9, 2021

Jeffrey was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge and empathy for the situation put me at ease and made me feel that I was in good hands throughout the process. He was responsive and communicative, and he was able to net me a settlement almost 10k below the initial demand. Thank you!

Outstanding! Quick and Easily Scheduled Consultation.
5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
November 5, 2021

I received a notice from my ISP informing me that Strike 3 Holdings, LLC had served a subpoena requesting my name and address from them. They recommended obtaining counsel to resolve the matter. I was extremely stressed about my situation, literally sick. I researched Strike 3 Holdings, LLC and everything I read made me feel even worse. I had no idea the consequences for downloading copyright files could be so steep. I had heard of warning letters issued to people I know, but never something like a subpoena.

In my research I repeatedly saw references to Antonelli Law Ltd. I read every review of the firm and specifically Jeffrey Antonelli I could find. Everything was extremely positive. I searched for anything negative and only found a reference to a patent dispute with a competitor.

I contacted Antonelli Law through the web link and requested a free consultation the night I received the ISP letter. Antonelli Law quickly contacted me to request a free consultation with times available the next morning. At 8am I spoke directly with Jeffrey Antonelli. He was calm, reassuring and gave me advice for my situation. I asked questions which he quickly answered making me feel more at ease.

I had contacted companies via the internet before and filled out forms with my name and phone number or email address and they turned out to be scams resulting in relentless solicitation emails and phone calls. This did not happen after contacting Antonelli Law. I believe Antonelli Law is a legitimate company, and that Jeffrey Antonelli is an honest, excellent attorney.

My BitTorrent days are over with.

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