Strike 3 Holdings Files in Tennessee

Strike 3 Holdings recently filed hundreds of new cases, including several in Tennessee.

If you’ve received a notice from your internet service provider (ISP) with a notification that Strike 3 Holdings is seeking your personal information, please go to our main Strike 3 Holdings page to learn all about these cases.

Can you help me if I live in Tennessee?

We get this question a lot as many clients want to hire us due to our experience but aren’t sure if they need an attorney closer to them or in their state.

Copyright infringement issues are a federal matter, so you can absolutely hire Antonelli Law to represent you in your Strike 3 Holdings case no matter which state you live in. In fact, we’ve represented well over a thousand Strike 3 defendants across the US over the past few years and can help you if you live in Tennessee.

Most local attorneys have no background or experience in dealing with a federal lawsuit or a copyright issue: we are extremely experienced in getting Strike 3 Holdings cases resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

Recent Strike 3 Holdings cases filed in Tennessee:

3:2022cv00593 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2022cv00595 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2022cv00594 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe subscriber assigned IP address
3:2022cv00596 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2022cv00599 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. John Doe subscriber assigned IP address
3:2022cv00597 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2022cv00591 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2022cv00598 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2022cv00592 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe
3:2022cv00600 Strike 3 Holdings, LLC v. Doe

What do I do now?

First, don’t delete anything

Many defendants assume that if they delete the content from their devices, it will help get rid of any evidence that they’ve downloaded Strike 3 Holdings’ content. This is not the case. In fact, if you delete content it can end up making your penalties worse and appear as an admission of guilt.

Second, don’t sign anything

In any lawsuit, you shouldn’t sign paperwork without fully understanding what you’re agreeing to. If you receive something in the mail from Strike 3 Holdings requesting your signature, don’t sign it until you’ve had the chance to consult with an attorney representing you so that you know the implications of what you’re signing.

Third, Contact an experienced ISP subpoena defense attorney

Once you’re sure you’re being sued, contact someone who can guide you through the next steps. The attorneys at Antonelli Law are highly experienced with copyright infringement lawsuits like those filed by Strike 3 Holdings. We can discuss your specific case, go through your options, and help you come up with a plan of what to do next.

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